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The Power to Navigate the Green Compliance Jungle

Summer Gorder


Green Canary

Our Story

In 2009 when the building market crashed, Summer saw a need to make Green Buildings affordable and accessible to all. Coming from a large international architecture firm then starting her own consulting firm, ecoREAL Solutions, she started working with contractors who were struggling to meet the new LEED mandates.


She recognized the gap between the Owner/Architect's specs and the boots on the ground. Working on a Federal Jobsite living with the subs she saw the pain point in LEED and other mandated Green Building Certifications that led her to create a simple solution to make it easy. 

"I appreciate Summer’s knowledge of construction and architecture and how she can see almost every perspective, including the small business owner."

Mel Jones
Senior Diversity & Inclusion Manager

Hoffman Construction

Our Mission

We are dedicated to providing software that gives our customers the power to control their destiny as they navigate through the compliance jungle. We have distilled years of sustainable design and development consulting insight to develop cloud-based software that provides an intuitive approach to LEED compliance, WELL protocols, and sustainable business practices. 


We want to change the game by leveling the playing field enabling small, minority, and individuals to have access to sustainable design and development practices.

African American and Caucasian workers on computer at job site

Watch how Green Canary takes the mystery out of complex policies and procedures, simplifying for practical use.


 "The Green Canary platform provides a useful and customizable organization to track the various LEED v4 metrics on a project. The  ability to track and organize this information is critical to successfully attaining construction credits in LEED v4."

      Race Clark, PM 

       Hoffman Construction 

       Multnomah County Central Courthouse 

The Companies We Support

We have a wide variety of customers who rely on Green Canary for their compliance software. We are proud to have contributed to the successful completion of their projects.

Green Canary changes the game by leveling the playing field enabling small, minority, and individuals with the power to comply with standards without drowning in a complex sea of paperwork and process.

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