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Summer Fowler

Founder & CEO

WELL Faculty, Associate AIA, LEED® AP+ BD&C, OAME Board of Directors (incoming Chair)


Summer Fowler is a passionate advocate for the intersection of Sustainability and Social Equity. She started her career at Sienna Architecture in Seattle, where she pioneered several cutting edge sustainability projects, including one of the first Living Buildings the June Key Delta House, and the first LEED Neighborhood Development Pilot project in Dubai. In 2009, she founded ecoREAL Solutions with the mission to make Green Building accessible for all.


She started to build her Green Canary software on her first project working on a Federal jobsite just after LEED certification was mandated. She saw the issues with RFI’s, change order and confusion, while living with the subs on a remote location learning their headache with documentation. Consequently, her tools integrate sustainability seamlessly with the design and construction process from the owner specifications to the boots on the ground. This makes certification a natural biproduct of the process.  This integrative process ensures every project can optimize their building performance goals, while ensuring a healthy indoor environment for the people as well.


She teaches, leads, and innovates to make Green Building the best investment for the occupants, the buildings, the environment, and the community it serves. With an expertise in Well Building her triple bottom-line approach has helped owners, including the City of Portland, Multnomah County, School Districts, Non-profits and private owners like the Ritz Carlton and Walmart HQ, exceed their sustainability and equity goals. This has included non-profits achieving Net Zero goals they didn’t think were possible through incentives, and utilizing the ETO’s Path to Net Zero incentive path to help numerous projects achieve the critical Architecture 2030 challenge. As part of the owner rep team, she helped the City of Portland make the leap from LEED Platinum to also pursuing the 1st municipal Well Building Certification for the major renovation of their historic Portland Building.


She is an expert in making sustainability more affordable, including HUD MIP financing, ETO’s Path to Net Zero program, and federal programs to help projects from low-income school districts and affordable housing push their green building goals towards achieving the Architecture 2030 challenge in tight budgets. 

Summer started the Sustainability and Equity Committee for the Oregon Association of Entrepreneurs thirteen years ago before joining the board and is the incoming Chair. She is Well Faculty and served on the International Well Building Institute's Global Equity Advisory Committee to advocate for Well Buildings for All, which was her own non-profit mission in 2016. This led her to speak about the “New Value Proposition for Well Building for All” at GreenBuild Mediterranean conference in Italy.


All this is culminated into her recent venture to launch Green Canary Software as a separate company to get her Lean LEED, WELL and healthy procurement tools into the hands of everyone pursuing cost-effective sustainability goals. Her Healthy Material Tracking software "red-flags" any emission violation with ALL products automatically in the submittal process to help ensure teams meet the stringent indoor air quality performance testing requirements. Teams often exceed credit expectations by giving the tools to the subs to verify every product naturally in the submittal process instead of point-chasing. It is so easy it’s just protocol. This supports the mission that sustainable healthy buildings are a basic human right.

Pamela Gorder

Pamela Gorder

Chief Revenue Officer

Pamela came from Hotel property Management, joining ecoREAL Solutions, a sustainable consulting firm.  She entered the City of Portland sponsored Harvard MBA program for small business owners. She has worked on numerous LEED workshops and Charrettes, and attended the Cleveland Clinics first WELL Building workshop.


She worked closely with The Portland Building to be the first registered municipal building in the Northwest for International Well Building Certification. Pamela worked with Sheltered Market to attend LEED education programs to help enable them to work on larger government work.


She worked with the Portland Development Commission to develop TalentWell, a platform to introduce small businesses to architects and builders virtually. Pam and Summer Fowler presented at the Green Build Mediterranean on “WELL Building for All”.

James Hickman
James Hickman.png

James Hickman


James is an experienced developer who has provided beautiful, robust and maintainable software solutions for many of his software clients.

He is an expert in translating existing processes and business pain points into intelligent technology solutions. His focus is on identifying and solving inefficiency and process problems that cost person-hours and profits for multiple industries.

James has experience integrating a vast array of data sources and APIs from the cloud and local applications


Josh Pasos

Product Director

Josh is responsible for integrating the Green Canary vision, feature concepts and user feedback. He works with the Green Canary Dev Ops team. Josh has a keen eye for detail and oversees quality assurance for Green Canary for ease of use.

Josh has a Mechanical Engineering degree as well as a Masters degree in Architecture from the University of Oregon.

He has worked as a reliability engineer for a nuclear plant. He worked with McKenzie Architects. He is based in San Francisco and also works as a project manager for ecoREAL Solutions working wiiht Healthy Materials and Indoor Enironments, ESG, LEED and Net Zero.

Saifan Hodaie headshot.jpeg

Saifan Hodaie

Energy Analyst/Modeler, PE

Saifan’s career started as HVAC Equipment Manufacturing Engineer and continued as a Consultant Engineer and Energy Analyst. He has a Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of New York, Buffalo, New York, and did his Post Graduate Studies in HVAC Design and Energy Management, at New York University, New York City in 1986.


He founded Hodaie Engineering and became a Registered Professional Engineer in the State of Oregon in 1999 and has been a LEED Accredited Professional since 2004. He has audited over one-hundred facilities in the State of Oregon and Washington, since becoming one of the first Energy Trust Trade Allies. Saifan’s unique ability to communicate, work closely with a client and to understand their goals are met within budget goes beyond typical energy services.

2021-01-01 SandraLester Headshot Blue.jpg

Sandra Lester

Collaborative Partner

Sandra Leigh Lester BTech(ArchSci) MCOD ARIDO IDC CPHD CSBA LEED AP BD+C HLC3 has a Masters Certificate in Organizational Development from Schulich Business School at York University in Toronto and a Certificate in Change Management from the Canadian Organizational Development Institute. She holds a Bachelor of Technology in Architectural Science from Toronto Metropolitan University.


She is a Certified Sustainable Building Advisor, a LEED-Accredited Professional with a Specialty in Building Design and Construction, and is a Certified Passive House Designer. She founded her consulting practice, affecting change in 2010. She has done work on over five continents, and her projects have won over eighty awards including a prestigious Clean50 Top Project Award in 2021. She is a sought-after speaker and is a Part-Time Professor at the Humber Advanced Institute of Technology in Toronto.

Advisory Board

Roger McFadden. Science/Technical

President and Chief Science Officer at McFadden & Assoc. 

VP and Senior Scientist for Staples

Director Emeritus of Clean Production Action

Lori Brown. Technology Sales

Executive Director, Uncrewed Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI)

President:  Brown Unmanned Aerial Solutions

Vice President, International Sales and Global Marketing-MTI

Director, Worldwide Channel Sales and Sales Operations-Tektronix

Christopher Bloom. Software Development

Principal Front-end Engineer at Knapsack

Director of Engineering at Phase 2

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