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Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark

Green Canary provides GRESB services and tools to provide assessments that can be used by businesses to compare their performance to industry standards, advise on best practices, and improve their ESG performance to stand out in the market.

Green Canary and GRESB

As sustainability consultants, we provide a holistic approach that utilizes synergies between sustainability, health and wellness goals with ESG goals.

Corporate sustainability and environmental, social, and governance strategies are becoming an expectation, and Green Canary’s team helps push the envelope integrating resiliency, wellness and carbon accounting that keep your business ahead of the curve. It’s long-term planning with immediate value in mind to create corporate goals that exceed targets as a natural by-product of best practices. Transparency from within and down the supply chain creates systemic changes, and our Green Canary software automates that process unlike anything in the market today. We look through a triple-bottom lens from the organizational level through operations down to facility management.

GRESB Diagram.001.jpeg

Mission-driven and investor-led, GRESB is the environmental, social and governance (ESG) benchmark for real assets. 

  • GRESB aligns with international reporting frameworks, such as TCFD, GRI and PRI.
  • Assessment participants receive comparative business intelligence on where they stand against their peers
  •  A roadmap with the actions they can take to improve their ESG performance and a communication platform to engage with investors.
  • GRESB works in close collaboration with the National Association of Real Estate Investments Trusts (Nareit), a GRESB Industry Partner
  • Nareit encourages its corporate members to complete the annual GRESB Real Estate Assessments

ESG Implementation

  • Design Program Goals and Targets

  • Overall Strategy and Roadmap

  • Identify Efficiency Projects with an ROI

  • Setting Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

  • Establish Science Based Targets (SBTs)

  • Portfolio-wide Sustainability Policies and Guideline

ESG Reporting, Communications & Marketing

  • Charrettes for Visioning

  • Sustainability Communications

  • Advise Program Newsletters and Campaigns

Sustainability and Net Zero Roadmap

  • Portfolio/Property Assessments and Audits

  • Asset-level Efficiency

  • On-Site Renewable Energy

  • Off-site Renewable Energy

  • Net Zero Carbon goals

Tenant and Stakeholder Engagement & Education

  • Health and Wellbeing Interventions (WELL Faculty Staff)

  • Dashboards for engagement and education

  • Environmental Campaigns and competitions (Fit Building Challenge, etc.)

Risk Assessment and Resiliency

  • Resiliency Due Diligence for New Acquisitions

  • Climate Change and Building Resilience

  • Sustainable strategies for a more resilient portfolio

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